To provide qualitative Arts and crafts skills to youth, orphans, vulnerable children and other members of the communities.


To provide qualitative computer and information technology skills and knowledge to youth, orphans, vulnerable children and other members of the community.


To give the youth, orphans and vulnerable children modern knowledge and skills concerning sports and games.


To initiate sustainable programmes geared towards giving youth, orphans and vulnerable children the knowledge and skills concerning music and dancing.


To establish vocational training centres where youths, orphans and vulnerable children will be imparted with modern skills concerning carpentry and tailoring.


To establish sustainable music production and recording centres for talented underground musicians/artists.



To promote and support the development of basic education.


To generate equality to access resources; in other words the empowerment of youth and children through searching and promoting their talents.


To promote self confidence for the vulnerable children and youths to develop their unique abilities, in order to strengthen their self perception in the development discourse.


To assist and educate youths in all issues pertaining to HIV/AIDS, Drug abuse, sexual and reproductive health and rights, social crimes and their  impact to youths so as to enhance their prevention.


To promote the development of life and vocational skills for youths irrespective of their gender, religion, colour and station of life.


To direct efforts towards emancipation of humanity from ignorance, poverty and diseases.