Computer and Tution Classes

TSE teaches vulnerable children the basic knowledge of computer studies. With this service for free of charge, we want to enable the young people to get access to this knowledge.

Unfortunatelly computer training in Tanzania is still a rare educational service.

With this educational service we want to empower the youths and prepare them for their future challenges.

One computer tutor teaches up to twenty teenagers and children the basic knowledge of computer sience - everyday free of charge.

In additional to our teacher also we have every year a volunteer from Germany. The volunteer supports the work of TSE.

This is due to the cooperation with the german NGO „Kawaida- Sozialer Dienst in Afrika e.V.“ -

Music and Theater

TSE offers a great variety of fine and performing arts knowledge to the youths of Ubungo Kibangu street. We teach traditional poem, music and dance in order to keep the history and culture alive. Also we offer an introduction to the writing of theatre or drama.

Moreover TSE teaches drawing. For that we are always in need of material like pencils and so on.

Also we guarantee the teaching of music, particulary singing and rap – to create a way to express feelings and problems. Furthermore the playing and usage of music instruments is taught, like keyboard, guitar and flute. If you have some used music instruments do not hesitate to contact us.

The teaching of traditional dance helpes the youngsters to get a brighter identification with their roots and culture.

Football Training

TSE trains 25 children and teenagers between 9-17 years to play Soccer. They are divided into two teams.

Playing in a trained soccer team is often a dream for many youngsters in Dar es Salaam.

TSE wants to help the children to get aware of their talents and their potentials and to realize them. Too often talents in Tanzania are simply ignored or the ressources to achieve tribute or even employment are limited or not sufficient.

TSE believes that with resolve and determination the dream of youths to play one day in a famous football club might become true...

Our aim is to train both teams for the purpose of their future dream. Their dream is to play in a famous football team as professional players.

Tailoring Mart

This project deals with youths especially girls from 15-19 years old. The aim of the project is to serve the poor and marginalised girls around Ubungo by giving education and skills on how to design and sew clothes.

Vision: Future selfemployed or employed.

Also they are trained to be enabled to work with their hands and discover their horizons of their creativity. TSE aims to construct a workshop where the youth will be trained how to make basic commodities like tables, chairs, decorations, lamps and so on.

The youngsters are absolutely free of what they want to do and how they want to do it either traditionally or in a modern style.

Their ideas, fantasies and imaginations are free from boundaries. Too often the teenagers are blocked and stopped because of the lack of  material.

We want to ensure them to realize their fantasies by supporting them with sufficient material and professional knowledge.

We are in need of equipment for our vocational training programme.

Please contact us if you have a donation for this project.

Seminars and Trainings:

TSE´s team trains and offers different types of seminars and further trainings to the children and youths. For more information about our Seminars and Trainings see gallery....


Computer & English Classes- Music & Theater- Football and Tailoring