Youth of TSE



I came to TSE when I was 12 years old. I learnt how to play guitar, keyboard and the technique of singing. TSE is like my second home to me.

Through TSE I visited Germany. In Germany, we did live performances and a Dance&Theater Project called Nyumbani-Zuhause.

Thanks to the founders and Management of TSE.




I came to TSE in 2010. I was teaching music instruments and traditional dance. Apart from teaching also I performed with the youths of TSE at different Festivals in and out of Tanzania.

Now I am living and doing my music business in Germany. 

Youth of TSE




I came to TSE when I was 13 years old. I learnt many music instruments. Now I can play a lot of traditional and modern instruments. My Talent is not only playing music instruments but also I am a traditional and modern dancer. Through TSE I got to know the other part of the world. I was three times in Germany. In Germany I did performances and a youth exchange program.


My appreciation goes to the founders of TSE. Thank you for reaching and touching the lives of others with love and care.


Youths of TSE